NuCanoe Frontier 12 Camo w/ 360 Pinnacle Seat & Rigid 360 Base Low 2017

  • Brand: Nucanoe
  • Product Code: NU-1400CM
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  • $1,499.00

The Frontier is the ultimate hybrid kayak, designed from the hull up for serious anglers and hunters.    Whether you are fly fishing in salt water, bass fishing in a river, or hunting in the marshes, the Frontier fishing kayak will maximize your experience.

In the Frontier, you can do things a better way…your way!  Go solo in style or tandem with room to spare.  Position seats, rod holders, and accessories anywhere along the 70″ Freedom Track.   Face the action with 360 degree mobility.  And don’t just stand, walk & fish with confidence on the 20″ wide Cast & Blast Deck.  Ridiculously stable, surprisingly agile, and completely comfortable, the self-bailing Frontier knows no limits.


360 Pinnacle Seat

The 360 Pinnacle Seat (Item #3000) sets a new standard for fishing kayaks. Modeled after high-end ergonomic seats, it provides ideal lumbar support for all day long comfort without impeding the natural range of motion for paddling and fishing. Utilizing cutting-edge advanced fabric that provides natural stretch, the seat is so breathable it keeps you dry no matter the conditions. Last but not least, the seat rotates 360° so you can always face the action. Mounts to the Frontier with the Rigid 360 Base.

360º Mobility

The Max 360 Seats allow you to face the action, wherever it may be. The 12” high seat position provides superior comfort and fishability. 360 Seating is more than just a swivel. It is a complete system designed from the hull up.

Freedom Track

The Freedom Track allows you to position seats, rod holders, and accessories where you want, and easily reposition them on the fly. Made of polycarbonate plastic.

Cast & Blast Deck

The 20" wide Cast & Blast Deck provides a wide foot base for standing with confidence, and gives you ample room for your gear. The open deck leaves no snags for fly lines.


The Frontier's rock solid initial stability and ridiculous secondary stability are legendary. Whatever you do on the water, you'll be confident, comfortable, and safe.

Motor Mount

The Frontier is ready for your electric or gas motor. Just drop it on the transom and away you go.

Product Specification
Seating 360 Pinnacle Seat (not included)
Length 12'
Width 41
Height 12-17
Draft 3-5
Hull Weight 77 lbd
Seating Capacity 1-3 ppl
Max Weight Capacity 650 lbs
Self Bailing Capacity 400 lbs
Maximum Auxiliary power (HP) 2.5 HP or equivalent
Rigid 360 Base 1

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